Dorset Redbluff

Tiefling paladin with elbow spurs.


Height: 6’0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 30
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Sarenrae
Languages: Common
Father: Ahlein Redbluff
Mother: Elm Redbluff
Younger brother: Kogan Redbluff


Dorset Redbluff is a human tiefling paladin and bard born into the noble class. He grew up with two parents; his fathers name is Iron Redbluff and his mother’s name is Fern Redbluff. He grew up with a close younger sibling who is an oread named Kogan.
Dorset is a seasoned vet who has seen many battles and you can see a couple scars on his face from them. During these battles he met Thoveat Blessedhorn, who is now one of his current adventurer companions.
Dorset is neutral good and worships the goddess Sarenrae “The Dawnflower”. She’s the goddess of redemption, honesty, and healing, She expects her worshippers to be skilled at swordplay, which Dorset is.

Dorset was raised in a manor while his parents were paid tribute by peasants. In his early years he saw an old evil power that had great influence over his nation fall to decline and it gave him a revelation that evil will always fall and good will always win.
When Dorset was a young adult he stumbled upon a man flirting with the woman he was madly in love with. Seeing this upset him greatly and his emotions got the best of him, for he lied to some guards saying the man was a robber and stole from him.
After the man was arrested Dorset had mixed feelings about his actions.

Dorset is vain and is very proud and worked hard for his reputation. If anyone slanders his name they usually have to answer for it. Dorset worked for one of the most powerful generals in the nation and was known to be a great leader. He admired his general so much that he learned to be just as great of a leader as him.


Along Dorset’s journey, while he was between adventures, he was in Oleg’s Outpost. He was sitting with some travellers, having a pint, when one of the men spit a joke so gold that caused Dorset to nearly bust his head on a nearby barstool.
Dorset felt inspired by this man’s banter, so inspired he himself began to spit jokes in his spare time. Mind you, the jokes were nothing close to being, “gold,” you couldn’t even consider it, “iron,”, but that didn’t stop him from using it in his daily conversations.

Dorset Redbluff

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