Lenia Tomish


Lenia happens to be the youngest child from a long line of elves with many children. Unfortunately, Lenia’s family fell on to hard times. A few of the family’s cargo ships were overtaken by power-hungry pirates. This left her family poor and unable to keep paying for their lavish lifestyles. Sometimes poorer families will send their children into servitude in order to pay off debts. The families are continually sent a grant in place of their children. These children are called Golden children. Most of the time they will never see their families again.

The Poeclocks are a kind family who raise their golden children almost as closely as their own children. It has been said that the Poeclocks will allow the golden children to choose freedom if they so wish at their 18th adulthood. “or whenever they are considered adults”.

Lenia Chooses to remain a golden child she adores the family and feels as if she were an adopted cousin. Shes often quiet and likes to think before speaking. Lenia enjoys reading and would do almost anything for a new book.

Just before the twins exciting adventure Lenia and Lezal were asked to accompany them and keep them safe. They both eagerly accepted hoping to see the world outside the castle in the swamps.

Lenia has a sharp wit and likes to analyze everyone she meets she may be quiet but something more seems to be hidden inside those beautiful eyes of hers.


Lenia Tomish

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